Custom Trailer Wizard for ETS2

This wizards helps you narrow down custom trailers on Freight Market, thus you can easily select which trailer skins you would like to see on Freight Market Jobs via "cog/gear" icon on Job pick up.

Unlike any other trailer pack, SiSL's Trailer Pack doesn't shove all trailers in your throat. Don't use such packs, not to reduce your computer performance. You can select your favorite trailers only or all if you want to.

Don't worry, all of them will be in traffic...

If you are looking for Wizard to change all spawns in-game companies click here

So far 24.989 truckers receieved 2.271.212 trailers
mysettings.json is a file that remembers your previous settings in case they are not automatically remembered. Extract mysettings.json file from SiSL's Trailers - Customization.scs in your <Documents>\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod folder to any place in your drive and use Import mysettings.json button to re-remember your last settings.

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