SiSL's Mega Pack Downloads

SiSL's Mega Pack

SiSL's Mega Pack Steam Worshop Edition

You can subscribe to SiSL's Mega Pack at Steam Workshop and no need to worry about updates anymore. It will automatically download within your Steam. You just need to add it to your active mods

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ETS2 (1.27 or higher) -

ETS2 (1.26 or lower) -

ETS2 -

ATS (1.6 or Higher) -

ATS (1.5 or lower) -


SMP Customization Pack

SiSL's Mega Pack Customization

REQUIRES: SiSL's Mega Pack 2.x

This file can help you for customization on the customizable marked items. This is basic file, contains only basics. You can browse your country specific items or other premade goodies at Github here

Installation: Just place ZIP (Do not extract it) to your casual mod folder in your Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2 / mod folder and place it in your active mod list, Order is important. Place it ABOVE SiSL's Mega Pack.

Download from Github

SMP Traffic Pack

SiSL's Mega Traffic Pack

REQUIRES: SiSL's Mega Pack 2.x

This file will add Delorean to your traffic. Optional. You can place it anywhere in your mod list

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SMP Star Wars Traffic Pack

SiSL's Mega Star Wars Traffic Pack

REQUIRES: SiSL's Mega Pack 2.x

This file will add iconic Landspeeder XP-34 and Speederbike Z-74 to your traffic. Optional.

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